Firecracker opens a window into the lives of Brian and Eddie—two US Military Combat Veterans, unknown to each other yet destined to cross paths at a moment of extreme anguish and vulnerability.

Brian drifts through a small, miserable life, drowning out the noises in his head in the only way he knows how—copious amounts of bottom shelf liquor.  Eddie was once a lot like Brian, before sobering up; he now spearheads a VA initiative to help struggling veterans.  When Brian reaches a moment of complete desperation and reaches out for help, the two finally meet.  Their conversation saves Brian's life, ending the short with a message of hope: that when one veteran speaks to another, they can help each other in ways that no one else can.


Saving Private Ryan (Short)


"Saving Private Ryan" is a short I made for the Santa Monica College Film Program. The assignment was to put my own take on a preexisting scene from an already established film. I immediately saw a perfect opportunity to try and spread a message of hope to the Veteran community. I set the scene in a therapists office waiting room; a Veteran (Private Ryan) is waiting anxiously for his appointment to start. A man from across the room notices his anxiousness and helps to calm him down by telling him a funny story. Private Ryan then calms down and begins to finally laugh, maybe for the first time in a long time. As the scene ends we realize that the man across from Private Ryan is an old friend, and isn’t really there at all. This was Private Ryan’s way of coping with his PTSD. Myself and Santa Monica College hope to use this short as a PSA for PTSD awareness.


The Attempt

Unit Production Manager

The Attempt is a deep dive into the world of 1921 Berlin. This story follows an assassin (Soghomon Tellurian) as he carefully watches his target, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike; his target is Talaat Pasha, the man responsible for the Armenian genocide. I was the Unit Production Manager for this project. I facilitated the pre-production and production of this film. Everything from locations to hiring, catering to casting. I was involved in every piece of the production process.