GONE - New writing/directing project

I’m very excited to announce that I will be directing a film I wrote. This film is based on the 2011 murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips. This film will be a dramatization of actual events, made to put the audience at the scene during the moments leading up to the tragic loss. We hope this film will keep the story alive in hopes of one day finding the person responsible.

If you can, please donate to the Seed and Spark campaign immediately! Come and be apart of something special.

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With FIRECRACKER awaiting film festival selection, there is no time like the present to start a new project. This project is written and directed by me produced by a fantastic team of producers. I can’t wait to share more information later! More later…


I cannot believe it has been over a year. Myself and my wonderful team started this journey in March of 2018 and it is finally finished. Firecracker is officially ready for the Film Festival circuit. I will be posting regular updates concerning our acceptance to certain film festivals and also dates and times of showings. I cannot wait to share this film with all of you.


Truly an Honor

Today was truly an honor. I received an award from the City of Los Angeles for my work in the film industry and specifically on a PSA I co-produced and assistant directed. The project was a PSA warning senior citizens of the dangers of senior scams. The project is called “Just Hang Up.” It was such an honor to be recognized for my work, but even more of an honor to help bring awareness to this horrific problem our elderly face in today’s world.


Assistant Director?

Quite on set! Pictures up! Roll Camera! Roll Sound! ACTION! I have officially started work as a 1st Assistant Director on an amazing project! I can’t wait to share more details with you all. But this is for a great cause and will be seen by many while also helping those victimized. 1st AD is a position on set that has always been an interest of mine, and I’m happy to be apart of this new project!

Firecracker Post-Production

Though post-production is a slow and steady process, we have some wonderful news to share. Firecracker has booked an amazing composer to head the musical score of the film, Brook Munro. We are absolutely delighted to have Brook on board. With his musical talents, it will take this film to a whole new level. CLICK HERE FOR HIS WEBSITE. More updates to come…

Phantom Valley

As of now I am officially wrapped on my most recent project, “Phantom Valley.” I have been given the opportunity to be the UPM on this wonderful film with even more wonderful people. I can’t wait to share more details later. But this film is sure to make a splash in the festivals. I can feel it!

Post-Production on Firecracker!

Post-Production for Firecracker is in full swing! After a couple weeks of some deserved time off, the crew is ready to get back to work! Thank you everyone who supported us throughout the production. We had an amazing crew on set and they worked their butts off to get this thing right! Now it is in the hands of our post team and we expect nothing but the best to come out of them. More updates will be revealed soon!!! Stay Tuned.

Firecracker is a WRAP

After months of planning, a successful Seed&Spark Campaign, and weeks of filming, Firecracker is officially a wrap! The footage we were able to capture is incredible. I can't wait to share this special project with all of you. Stay tuned to see more updates. Post-production starts today!


It is official! The Firecracker Seed&Spark Campaign was a SUCCESS! Thanks to the tireless work from our team and donations from people like yourself, Firecracker is officially going to be made! Shooting starts this weekend and we can't wait to get started! More to come. 

Firecracker Seed&Spark Campaign is LIVE!!!

The Firecracker Seed&Spark Campaign is now LIVE!!! Click the link below to donate! I want to thank you all for your continued support of this amazing project. Every penny you donate, or every share on your social media will go SO far! I can't wait to make this happen, and without you, it would not be possible.


Crowdfunding Update

Wanted to update everyone on the progress of getting Firecracker funded!  I'd like to thank our incredibly talented Associate Producer Liz Ellis for doing a phenomenal job building our campaign.  We're busy working with our sponsors to come up with an amazing incentives package for donating, and plan to launch on Seed&Spark sometime next week.  Check back here for more updates! 

First Firecracker Shoot!

Finished our first Firecracker shoot tonight!  The crew did a phenomenal job, and we got some amazing shots.  I'd especially like to thank our actor Nicole Cacciatore for an incredible performance and generally being a complete pleasure to work with.

Check back soon for still images from the set!

First Firecracker Pre-Production Meeting

Team Firecracker had its first production meeting this afternoon, and everyone finally met for the first time!  Thank you all for offering up your valuable time and talents to help make this project happen.  We've put together an incredible team.  I can't wait to get started!